About this Site

~~This site is completely fan-run and is not endorsed by the band Finntroll or their record label, Century Media Records.~~

Hello everyone,

My name is Casey and I am a big Finntroll fan. I have been a fan since around 2008, and through the years, they have become my second favorite band of all time and favorite folk metal band. Here are a few pictures of me with some band members from a show back in 2010!

In the days of early fandom, I would often go onto their website fintroll.net, as well as visit their message board, Trollboard. This is what the website looked like back then, with its design and pages and links:

In June 2020, I was feeling quite nostalgic and was looking at the sites I used to frequent. I stumbled upon the old Finntroll.net, and looked at their newer website, and thought something should be done. So I decided I would, to the best of my ability, “re-create” the original Finntroll.net, with similar links and pages and information.

I know that websites like this are no longer around, and it bums me out. Depth has been sacrificed for sleekness, and what used to be one long post is now split up between multiple Instagrams or tweets. I remember in my youth going to an official page (or fan page) and spending hours exploring mountains of text, looking through tons of photos, learning everything I possibly could. (Back in those Internet days, all you could really do was text and pictures!) This was before the invention of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, massive wikis, huge lyrics database, and big video uploads. A band’s official website (or a devoted fan-site) would have tons and tons of information.

So I’ve tried to create something like that experience here. A main hub that has just everything you’d ever want to know about Finntroll. My intention is for the a fan, new or old, to have fun going through the history, or looking at old pictures, or reading the lyrics, or reading through articles I’ve written. Or check out some of their live videos or music videos I’ve linked to. There’s 23 years of stuff to explore through, so fram, fram, fram!

I’ve added a bunch of gifs to emulate the obnoxious look of turn-of-the-century websites, which is a visual look I completely enjoy and miss.

Besides, making a fan site is a super fun hobby!

Thanks for reading!

Fram, fram, fram!