Text taken from the 2010 site

Name: Mikael Karlbom a.k.a Routa
Date of birth: 2.feb 1977
Preffered equip: ESP guitars & Mesa amps.
member since: 2003

Name: Samuel Ruotsalainen a.k.a Beast Dominator
Date of Birth: 30.9.1980
Endorsed by Pearl, Vic Firth, SMI, F-Musiikki
Member since: 1998

Name: Samuli Ponsimaa a.k.a. Skrymer
Date of birth: 6.6.1214
Equipped with: Mesa amps & ESP guitars
Member since: 1998

Name: Sami Uusitalo a.k.a. Tundra
Date of Birth: 27.7.1977
Equipped by: Headless Chicken & Tar
Member since: 1998

Name: Aleksi “Virta” Virta
Date of Birth: 5. Nov. 1986
Preferred Equipment: Korg Synthesizers
Member since: 2005

Name: Mathias LillmĂĄns a.k.a. Vreth
Date of Birth: 30.8.1982
Preferred Equipment: Healthy & moist throat
Member since: 2006

Name: Henri Sorvali a.k.a.Trollhorn
Date of birth: 19.10.1978
Equipped by: Gadgets, launchers and zniggurats.
Member since: 1998