1997 Finntroll founded by chance in March 1997.

One night in march 1997 two men were sleeping in a rehearsal room in Helsinki. The other woke up and started playing the keyboards and came up with a folkish melody. Soon the other one woke up too. Liking the melody he asked the other guy to play the riff in traditional finnish “humppa” style (humppa is a variety of polka…). This sounded very mean and guitars and brutal vocals were added immediatly. Thus Finntroll was born…

These two very drunk founding fathers were Somnium (ex-Thy Serpent, plays in Barathrum too.) and Katla.

Original Finntroll Website


Recording of the Rivfader demo in January. A drum machine was used for it.


Release of the first album, Midnattens Widunder, through Spikefarm records.

2001 – Release of the Jaktens Tid album, featuring 14 new tracks. Shortly after, Century Media globally licensed the record, leading to international sales and notoriety.

2002 – 

2003 – Recording of the Visor om Slutet EP in January.

2004 – Nattfödd album is released.

2006 – Finntroll replaces Tapio Wilska with new vocalist Vreth. Performs Wacken Open Air.

2007 –

Ur Jordens Djup album is released in March. Music video for “Nedgang” released in April of that year.

2008 – 

2009 –  In December, new song “Under Bergets Rot” is released on myspace.com.


The fifth full-length album, Nifelvind, is released on February 17, 2010, featuring 11 all-new tracks.

This Finnish Metal Tour 2010 of the United States commences, with support from Moonsorrow (which Finntroll’s Henri Sorvali is also member of). Also supporting is Swallow the Sun and Survivors Zero.


2013 – Finntroll releases Blodsvept album.

2014 – 

2018 –

2019 – 

2020 – Vredesvävd album announced and released in September.